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in the north bay was very hot, 97 is at rosenfeld. we did see some cooler closer to the coastline there was fog out there last night. this will
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help keep the spot close to the coast line a lot more comfortable. here's a look it what we're seeing out there right now, still very mild, to warm in land spots. it is in the '70s and the north bay, the summit '70s down south bay, much cooler closer to the close. it is not amended in land very far, it will clear back quickly tomorrow so does the media) fog overnight. we have a crystal clear skies out there to hot sunday for tomorrow afternoon, we will start to see some relief tuesday to was days temperatures start to cool as we head into the we. i will have details and your extended forecast coming up. >> sentences for beaches get very busy. people flocking to
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the shores, dave condone went to some of the city's beaches to see how people were taking advantage of his work conditions. >> china beach offered a beautiful view of the bridge in the base of the afternoon, until fog rolled in. but that was just a temporary condition as the fog burned off of the second time during the day. , don't really want to many people to become aware of this tiny beach. >> do not tell anybody. >> i come here when it's sunday, still living in san francisco does not as often as one might think. >> there's no finer place to be. it's just a little jewel in san francisco. >> several dolphins were swimming near the shore, and scores china beach is known as for people go. a few miles away
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at ocean beach, the fog that was shown up throughout the day kept some people from shown above the shore. a couple thousand him on saturday, lifeguard's estimated the crowd sunday to be half that size. there are soccer, there is a solid ball, and their dogs of all shapes and sizes. >> it's great, the city comes up to the beach, just like california. not like washington and some like that. >> i believe when people leave tracks everywhere. other than that it's great. >> in san francisco did confirm that kron4 news. >> wildfire near bordet get has been contained. it broke out yesterday burned 80 a.. when firefighters badly hurt critical but stable condition. fire
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briefly stridden homes yesterday in the town of what they get. one of building into cars were destroyed, new details on the scheduled execution of a convicted murderer and sang quint often. albert brown is now asking a federal appeals court, to hold his execution varies and is kron4 dahlin reports, he is refusing to choose a method for lethal injection. >> is the latest attempt to stop the state from executing this man albert brown. his lawyers filed court papers sunday to the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals, to block his execution. brown was convicted convicted of kidnapping and raping and killing a 15 year-old girl 30 years ago. he is scheduled to diets said quinn early wednesday morning. there's no word on house and the corps will release an opinion. the pill is the execution happens, it will be
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california's first in nearly five years, and domestic use would be lethal injection. brown was given a choice to choose either one drug or three drugs. he did not choose. so that means that three drug cocktail will be used the appeals court does not block the execution. aside from the appeals court, a brussels lawyer find asked superior court judge monday to block the execution as well, brown has also petitioned gov. schwarzenegger for clemency. in san francisco dahlin kron4 news. >> 43 year-old man was killed inside the san francisco residential hotel, prime for more kelly has the information. >> just after 11:00 a.m. san francisco policeman responded to agree not a hotel for because of a complete and management. about someone troy's stereo speakers a from a seventh floor window.
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suspects door of the situation escalated. >> the officer fired, a fatal shot after the suspect threatened the officer. >> people say that several shots were fired. >> gangbang bank, a was a volley of fire seven great shots. in fairly rapid succession, i went out to the hall and i saw them walking the police officer downstairs. i heard her status and how we shot by fire. >> none of the officers were injured, mostly seniors live in this building, quite a few people have mental problems. including the suspect. >> he was an odd person. really differ the other people. >> will residents who did not want to appear on camera, said the man also struggled with a drug addiction. >> he was under psychiatric, he was doing well. every so often he would go on a binge. he started taking drugs again. i
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think it might be suicide by police. because he was a real nice guy. but he did the cutting thing. in audible. >> the shooting is under investigation by the sampras's copley's department. internal affairs >> and your looking at the officers there. outside a window, this is that franklin's other sampras's for police that the entire day try to talk a man down from his apartment. they first got a call early this morning about a man crossing problems at a nearby starbucks. he was tried beginning, before open. officers say there was a bustle, the men ran back to his building. >> we have hostage negotiation team out here we're trying to talk about the last hours. lloyd gas. the suspects still refuse
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to come out, we sent in a dog, the suspect's still refused he barricaded himself in the closet. bridge the closet the suspects is now in custody. >> please are investigating reports of the man was involved in several other incidents with neighbors. a pitching chance came of the giants today. he had a no-hitter going into the eighth inning. the volatile last-second. the story still ahead. ma'am, can you identify the other airline that charged you bag fees? that's it. that one...right there. exactly how much did the other airlines make off with?
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♪ it was like $25. was that one-way? or roundtrip? roundtrip. $50? did you have a second bag? yes. mm! it was $35. that's $120 roundtrip. [ gasps ] oh! ah! ♪ [ ding ]
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[ instrumental music ]
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the giants have racked up their last run triple the regular season. the giants are battling the rockies, the giants won the game, 42 and ended the day a half-game up on the padres. they are in first place in the division. fans are getting wrapped up in panic fever. >> to offer this is the best they so far. c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8m0lathag no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhppr,jsú
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beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! (train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrack. enjoy the journey. time now for tech talk with a slate. >> in the u.s. around 5000 pedestrians are killed by automobiles. most of these accidents happen at night. there is new technology being developed that would add that vision into cars, making it easier for drivers assume it is dark road. otterbein's night vision to is the first advance pedestrian system. the company
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showed me how out how works, had lied to offer greater elimination. there's system is the far infrared system. it sends images to a small computer built into the car, or that to detective identify pedestrians a hundred yards from a moving vehicle. the resulting includes night vision is displayed on tv like screen built into the dashboard. it offers a good clean view of what is ahead. in effect the string is a bottom for the car, it will fly shallow warns of the lord solved. here's a comparison of the top side of your screen, blowers and night vision. it is definitely easier to see these to be brought across the street with my vision. here is again. and the knicks this example, a person is revealed walking a dog on the loss of the road. you to release him on this dark country road, without the night vision. here is again. the system is offered
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in some high-end luxury vehicles now. it should be available for more scars of five to 10 years. once the cost comes down. kids like kron4 news. >> they are expanding service and the sad declared valley transit agency says that additional trips part of a of liberal system, trains will now run from santa teresa beginning october 4th, to help commuters though, there will be six more trips out to the northbound morning train and the southbound afternoon train. the survey's finding that the average price of gas flexes nationwide. prices of a gallon gas remains a national average of 269. san francisco is more here san jose and oakland trio 5. nearly 140,000 how does sonatas are being pulled off the road. the experts say there is a problem with the steering column. the recall is expecting sedans
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manufactured since last december. unbiased promising to is correct the defective parts and operate the software. the recall expected to begin in october. there's been a real shift in support for prop. 19. still at this point and raise. it seems like california might legalize the recreational use of marijuana. and both of >> cool down a store this week after tomorrow. i will have much more on this hot monday forecast coming up front on the news. our real national pastime?
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boy it was another hot day out there today coming into the temperatures were a couple of degrees cooler specially closer to the coastline. we did see some fog this one. and somebody is redeveloping get this hours. temperatures in the 90 in the north bay and upper 90s and our inland spots 99 livermore, the the warmest location today. it will remain on the mile to warm
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side this evening, temperatures still in the eighties in land, still in the '70s free much everywhere else including the north bay. cooler closer to the coast line again, some fog is reforming their. just 57 1/2 amid a right out, the fog would provide more relief on the coast line into tomorrow. dense fog of the immediate coast only, not to make it in very far. it will be very extensive little carried into the afternoon wore temperatures, and tamara's would to the highest ever he way. all down to throw the rest the we. real good to look at that extended forecast coming up in just a bit. for >> while the hot weather means of people tend to turn on their air conditioner, sir tonight pg&e is asking to the conserve energy as much as possible. it lost power, the spokesman was
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on sydney was on the phone explaining about the usage this weekend. >> you know whenever the temperatures rise, people will look to the air-conditioning to find comfort. >> how do tell them don't door? you can recommend, but what is pg&e to try to convince people? >> well pg&e has a number of different response program that to provide incentive for those who wish to conserve. and i think that at the end of the day, when customers take a look at their energy bill, they will find that the more they're able to conserve, the lord their bills will be. >> i know that peak hours, are big deal, but some people might not know when they are? can you remind people what was ours are. >> when you look at your peak usage, is generally in the afternoons when people are coming in from school or work. using the stove in the air
9:32 pm
conditioning. if you're able to shift your usage, after 7:00 then you can avoid those peak rates. >> where there been a big concern about tomorrow? here is one to be hotter. yeah >> samaras' the grocery war, and served we're recommending and a conservation. we recommend that you set your thermostat up a little higher when you're not away from home when you're going to be away from home. we also recommend that you turn off lights, computer monitors television whenever they are not needed. and then you can actually, shot to windows made so you can maintain some of the pre cool air from the morning. or from the night before. >> figure much cindy, that is in the pollard with pg&e. there is a new poll on proposition 19,
9:33 pm
shows the majority of voters support the bill to roof legalized racial marijuana. 49 percent said yes, 42 percent said no 9% undecided. >> as you walk into the self exhibition room, at the international league caddis expo. you see the usual items for sale, to grow pot and a smoker. but tucked away in the back from a cross from one another, or bruce for and against prop. 19. supporters of prop. 19, like nick brown of the say marijuana is not the so- called gateway drug, which entices teams use other narcotics, considered more dangerous. >> right now is a dozen past, off it's a lot of people have easier access to now. nothing will change, we will not be able
9:34 pm
to change it. if this passes, it will be hard to take away this week in regulator, and celadon the ohrid legal market. unlicensed businesses. >> with tisch of peppered as a medicinal marijuana user, as agitprop by team. she field of the measure passes there will be too much government regulation. >> top 19, is not going to knowledge take away the existing rights of medical patients like me to grow marijuana for cells, as much as we need to so weaken maker on medication which is exactly what i've been >> doing> both candidates are also governor canada's r. gaines prop 19. milkman's when this issue is not in favor of legalizing marijuana, there are other ways the we can solve california's budget crisis. brown says that as the top law- enforcement officer in the state, i cannot put california at odds with the federal governor. bridge occur mark kron4 news. >> for the latest coverage on
9:35 pm
proposition 99 election in general. go to kron4 doc, were we have set up a special section. a death row inmates in sequinned has asked a federal goal scorer, to hold his execution. he also chewed refuse to choose his hat to a biblical injunction terry brown is scheduled to be executed just after midnight on wednesday. he is sentenced to die for raping and killing a 15 your goal in riverside county in 1980. he led the new deadline passed, without using one drug or two or three drug cartel. ifs his attorneys: the tories unconstitutionally mid-level. a man was killed by police december cisco, happen that a residential hotel, please were responding to a noise complaint. they claim when he approached a man the dome and pulled a gun, they're saying that he had mental health and drug problems. you're looking at the swat officers of franklin is said francisco today. police
9:36 pm
that the entire day try to talk the man out of his apartment. port of how it did officers said that the man ran back to his billing, >> we have had a hostage negotiation team out here we try to talk about for the less than ours. he has refused to come out. we deployed gas, the subjects of refuse to come out. he barricaded himself in the closet, we sent in dogs, he still refused to come out weak bridge the clause and now the suspect is in custody. they say that the man might be involved in other incidents. >> a major recent arrests of some high-profile cases, in say that it is thanks to a usual tips coming in from the public. kron4 looks at the new trend. >> this is a several of photo of a suspect recently arrested for robbing this bank of america
9:37 pm
here and had averted open. after someone in the community recognize the person in the picture, a golden a tip to the police. >> the police said that is that tip that led them to charging and arrested the suspect this week. in fact they said there has been a turnaround in the overall attitude of the community as relates to people wanting to help investigators all crimes. oakland police a tips have led to many rest of an unknown cases be installed. and pointing to a pair of higher profile crimes. after releasing a study of two suspects, they were arrested following tips voted on the community, back in july and july hong hey, a virginia man topline for job a global player also please the rest of these two suspects following this video be released to the public. as for why people are suddenly more willing to help police, when god told me people here are fed up with all the crime in the city. >> july would say in the last
9:38 pm
year, there have been quite a few cases were we have seen a big change in the community wanting to crime to stop. one of the violence to end. they are willing to put themselves of their more than they used to. and it is their community, their kids their fathers and daughters that being killed. so they're willing to step forward. in fact many of the steps we get are from those loved ones who are pushing the community and their friends to have the courage to come forth. so the tips, started off the get the burstein and then we get the permission. it leads us to the witnesses and helpless of cases. and get the charge. >> in oakland kron4 news. >> coming up some grim news, for the miners trapped in chile.
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jerry brown and oakland's schools. what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases...50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad...the state has to take them over.
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it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
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in world news, precious car ride for the drop miners in chile, the capsule but you will see there will eventually be used to ferry the miners to the surface. they're being called phoenix capsule. it will help capture and reminders of to the light. let's hope the rest you can begin by early november. they keep saying to more capsules are expected to believe do you deliver next week. a delegation from the two u.s. hikers in prison there. it was the country of iman who played a key role of force our shores release. her fiancee shane and joshed still remain behind and iranian newspapers reported that the two men are released, there will be allowed to leave with the visiting delegation from a lawn. the ball ministration is working hard to keep
9:43 pm
palestinians from walking out the mideast peace talks. construction, restrictions on the summit on the west bank as that expired, the palestinians had been threatening but it appears that could be released a week before anything happens. and out by diplomats and time to work out a compromise. jacqueline of >> will extreme heat continues and to mark, but we will start to get some relief later on this week. i will have details of your fall forecast coming up right after this break.
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and alas in a live look outside, a nice look at the bay bridge, you could see very clear skies. called conditions at this hour. we are seeing some fog closer to the coastline. the temperatures are most the bay area are pretty mild of this hour's. 76 the livermore 17 concord. but cooler closer to the coast line 61 san francisco to five and half moon bay. here's a look tomorrow at a
9:47 pm
glance. fog get a clothesline, just the immediate coast line, barely making its way over to san francisco by noon tomorrow begone and temperatures will be warming up fairly rapidly. we are in for another half day tomorrow, with a number of locations topping the troubled digital carried 1 02 is r want this in lunchbox. let's look at the fog droplets for tomorrow morning, not very extensive, over to san francisco's and brno of salmon to know, it's later on the morning, around 8:00 that will push back offshore perry to we will see plenty of sunshine out there again tomorrow. temperatures will be hot in land but also to the coast line. '70s and the yellow '60s is pretty mild as you head out the door tomorrow both heading to be quite or her by noon. eighties for a bay, and even 90's as the bread here you see on the screen, all way in land in dallas to the eastern shore and
9:48 pm
down into san roof fell as well. we will be back up to the triple digits to. along the delta and got concord lawyer for pleasanton looking for high temperatures. but cyclical neighborhood by neighborhood. 96 in santa rosa 82 in san francisco, there those triple the average fare: concord but a hundred. on 103 for antioch 68 a half moon bay, thinks the fog in the morning. and those cool sea breezes returning slightly in the afternoon. 94 bay shore 96 for san was a. 102 for morgan hill. here is look at your 7 day around the bay forecast, tomorrows lost their for the extreme heat. a lawyer on tuesday 96 for the line 85 for around bait in the '60s for the coastline. much more seasonable for this time the year starting on wednesday and cooling into the weekend. >> now here's stanley roberts who got some people behaving
9:49 pm
badly. >> this confirms what i have been saying for the last four years, the people in the bay area so the sides applied to them. like the sidewalk clotheslines and francisco. the sidewalk were shut down because the demolition taking place. these two big signs for people to stay clear. there are workers and equipment blocking the sidewalk. but most people, just walking the streets to get around, even as the boss of purchase. at one. ever to be sampras's copley's the officers located on both sides to stop stop people from walking. some people somehow miss those big more sign. whats this lady ignoring the site until the police officer chases her down, she seems confused, when she hears of the sidewalk is close. and this guy who bypasses the sidewalk +, en temps and begin to walk by the officer. if there
9:50 pm
is a sign that the sidewalk close, these are pretty good chance there is a reason board. if you ignore the warning signs, and you get injured. you cannot blame anyone but yourself. in san francisco, selling robert kron4 news. >> q. how the commodore story first daily e-mail us at people behaving badly a kron4 of com. construction has started on a first tunnel under the san francisco bay, this is part of a product to include the water system. when it is done, water will be moved underground, in a new system that will be a lot safer in the event of a major earthquake. >> this is the entry shot, the only shot the town will be built without any intermediate shaft, that means that the tunnel boring machine will be lowered from this location and workers will every day enter their work location from this location. we have a machine that is being built especially for this project, it is custom built for the exact route conditions that
9:51 pm
we have. >> the tunnel is expected to be finished by 2016, and kron4 headed doll explains how they will build it. >> since this is where the water tunnel is going to go, it is quite a stretch 5 mi. under the san francisco bay. from men all part to new or. sending water to dozens of cities along the peninsula. crews will dig up a shop on the manilow park side, then they will owe our of boring machine piece by piece to the shop here, the machine will cut this 15 ft. diameter 5 mi. long tunnel, 70 ft. below the bottom of the bay. eventually a still pipal be inserted through this tunnel. this type will carry the water to bear a various cities. in 10 years >> it 10 years you can look for the house that will think for itself. will use natural resources to power itself and make your morning coffee before you wake up. taking a look at
9:52 pm
this for wedding home designed by virginia tech students. >> welcome to the home of the future. when you wake up, the cold concrete floor warms up. your favorite music starts playing a copy begins to burn. as you drive away, the house locks itself. >> says a solar house and will get all its energy from the sun. a >> group of virginia tech design this house to be completely automated. it will adjust itself to the change weather outside. it will operate on its own and maintain a high percentage of energy efficiency. however no one likes to be completely controlled by computers. >> you couldn't get over you configure a great command with an eye patch. the small solace or all lawful functional. >> this face-saving solution, our big selling point for us. >> in the bedroom, the kitchen and living room. when you
9:53 pm
sliding doors are open in europe in the area out to the bed, you triple your square footage. >> even the water can be reused using recycling. designers say that houses like this to be on the market in just a few years. >> still had, we will look at the weekend box office as which include a new wall street movies with michael douglas.
9:54 pm
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six things oktoberfest by the bay wraps up this tonight after a weekend celebration. they celebrated the 11th and no fuss tobago featuring a lot of good german food, beer. thousands of people joined in the celebration of sampras's cruised version of otmthis famous german tradition. looking at the weekend box office or, to and that catholics that the town takes third place. made 60 million this weekend. at a new movie took second place,
9:57 pm
is based on a children's book legends of the dragons. legends of the guardians, also made 60 million. the big winner made 20 million wall street never sleeps. with michael douglas, the surprising his role as an investment strategist. and a final look at whether and how hot it will be tomorrow. it was a >> was pretty hot out there today. a lot upper 90s lot eighties and nineties except the coast line tomorrow. tomorrow will be equally as warm. let's take a look at a glance. we will have some fog immediate coast line, that's what temperatures along coast or cooler today will be set tomorrow as well. then it triple digits but remain around in the later afternoon. someone under one of two. >> call in sick to go to the beach. have a good night we will
9:58 pm
see what 11th pick. ?o?oxñw?w?oó
9:59 pm
our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us.
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